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Bionicle the Manga

Based on the original comic and story by LEGO, Bionicle follows the Toa Mata in the journey to find the Kanohi masks of power and to awaken the Great Spirit, Mata Nui. The team starts jagged and indifferent to one another, but only time will be able to bring them together to form the strongest team in Matoran history. ~*~Updates Once Every 2 Weeks~*~


Comic Shoutout!

Idk if anyone reads these news posts, but anyways...

I'm gonna give a huge shout out to a new Bionicle comic: [url[/url]

It is drawn by none other than the talented and amazing person, Suedraws (also known to some as LadyKaguya)!

Please go give their comic some love, because they are amazing, and it's just aaaAAAAAHHHH!!!! SO GOOD.

posted by Data2048 @ August 27th, 2017, 9:32 pm  -  1 comments

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